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DugOut Club

The Lanier High School Dugout Club oversees the operations of the organization.

Lanier High School  Dugout Club
P.O. Box 3284
Suwanee, GA 30024

        The 2015-2016 School Year Officers are listed below. 
  If you are interested in for volunteering for one of the open positions, or have a question please email us at baseball@lanierhs.org 



Barry Walton

Vice President 

Ram Boodram 


Tina Litzenberger 


Annette Murray


Coordinators and Committee Chairs
Running a successful baseball program takes teamwork on and off the field.  Once the teams are picked, we need parents to volunteer for the following positions.   We have written processes for each position so that you are not recreating (although you are welcome to improve it).  Under each coordinator, will be the rest of the parents taking their turn at Concessions, or parking or a number of other duties needed to run the program.
    Varsity Team Coordinator          

Annette Murray

JV Coordinator

Freshman Coordinator

Concessions Coordinator

Marla & Toby Jesse

Media Guide Coordinator

Pam Strickland

Web Site Administrator

Rob Mosteller

Special Events Coordinator 

Sarah Kilgore Vaughn 

Sponsorship Coordinator

Larry Mitchell